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Oxylance is proud to serve a wide range of industries and provide solutions that yield increased quality and efficiency.

What is Exothermic cutting

Exothermic Cutting is an Oxy / Fuel Cutting system where the Burning Bar or Sure Cut Rod is the fuel. The Exothermic cutting rod is a consumable. A Burning Bar or Sure Cut rod is an Oxy / Fuel cutting torch that uses a single gas (oxygen) to cut steel or melt non-ferrous material.

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Operational Safety and Reliability starts with quality products. Oxylance follows strict Oxygen Safety guidelines for the design and manufacturer of all of our burning bars, lance pipe, holders and oxygen related accessories. For special applications or extreme environments, our team can custom design and build lance systems to fit your needs.

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Along with a variety of products, we also provide safety training and demonstrations for each of our clients. Our uncompromising dedication to safety is why we take every precaution to ensure that our clients are educated and equipped to use our products.

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Oxylance provides innovative solutions to help you complete your jobs with high efficiency and effectiveness. Let us partner with you and help your jobs run smoothly no matter the size. Contact us for more information about the products and services we provide.

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“We appreciate the extra effort, it’s not easy to find people to go the extra mile any more and you have done it twice for us.  We will get a stock order going again next week so we can avoid these situations going forward, your time, patience and professionalism is very much appreciated.”