For high volume gaseous oxygen when using liquid oxygen cylinders you must use an external vaporizer that is rated for the hourly flow required for the application. In order to help our customers with high volume oxygen requirements Oxylance has developed two diferent vaporizer systems that are completely portable. For applications using Sure Cut rods and Burning Bars up to .675" diameter, we offer the OXYVAP-2500. For applications where the operator needs to run larger burning bars or needs to run two smaller burning bars from the same oxygen source we offer the oxyvap-5000. These units are available for rent or sale.

For flow requirements for Oxylance products please refer to the flow chart on the safety information sheets.


Cyyogenic Hoses 2 hose manifold for liquid inlet; 2 hose manifold for vents
Manifold Regulator 2 each 1/2" npt outlets with CGA oxygen fittings installed
Height 7'5"
Weight 500 lbs
Base 42" Square
Output 2500 cubic feet per minute at up to 350 PSI
Pressure settings on both liquid cylinders must be the same. Standard settings are 235 or 350 PSI. For shipping purposes, these units are classified as CLASS 85 and the F/ Code is 122830.