Demolition & Scrap

Demolition projects can be very time sensitive and must be completed as quickly as possible. When plants are shut down for major overhauls, old equipment and structures have to be removed and replaced, Oxylance Burning Bars and Sure Cut systems provide a faster alternative to Oxy / Fuel torches or Carbon Arc Gouging. In many cases the Exothermic cutting process can be as much as ** 20 times faster **than other methods of cutting. In many cases, there are cranes and other types of heavy equipment tied up for days waiting on the burning operation. Every day saved, reduces the overall cost of the project by eliminating the cost of the equipment standby time.

Types of projects where burning bars have been an essential part of projects

  • Paper Mills, Stainless Steel Piping, Digesters, Fiber Filter Drums
  • Power Plants, Removing Duct Work, Boiler Tubes, Steam Generators
  • Chemical and Oil Refineries, Piping, Cat Crackers, Pressure Vessels
  • Injection Molding machinery
  • Foundry Machinery
  • Wind Turbines
  • Train Derailments
  • Tunnel Boring machines
  • Bridges
  • Docks
  • Collapsed Structures

Demolition & Scrap Products