Fire & Rescue

Fire and Rescue personnel play an essential role in our society. In most cases, when they arrive on the scene the situation is already complete chaos. In situations like a burning, partially collapsed structure they have to cut their way in just to get to the people they are there to rescue. Oxylance Exothermic cutting systems are fast, highly portable and can be operated by a single person. Cutting through steel doors, burglar bars, or deadbolt locks can be accomplished in seconds compared to an oxy / Gas Fuel torch that can take many minutes to get the job done. When it comes to saving lives every second counts.

When breaching operations are necessary many deadbolt locks are made of stainless steel and cannot be cut with oxy / gas fuel torches. Burglar bars have multiple bars and each bar has to be preheated with an oxy / gas fuel torch and is slow. Exothermic torches do not require preheating even on hardened material.

Through our network of distributors and manufacturers representatives we offer training and demonstrations for fire / rescue training centers.

  • Breaching / Forced Entry
  • Cutting away collapsed structures
  • Extrication of personnel who become entrapped
  • Cutting guard rails
  • Clearing Train Derailments

Fire & Rescue Products