Lance Pipe

Oxylance offers both Calorized and Bare Lance Pipe. 

Our bare Lance Pipe inventory comes in many diameters, wall thicknesses, lengths and end finishes. 

End finishes for bare lance pipe are Plain End, Threaded and Quick Connect. We carry a wide variety of raw goods that can be processed to your specific requirements. 

All of our lance pipe is cleaned for oxygen service in our cleaning operation to insure safe and reliable use. 

Uses for Lance Pipe 

  • Scrap Processing 
  • Opening Tap Holes 
  • Injecting additives into the melt 
  • Blowing oxygen into the melt for foamy slag operations 

Oxylance follows strict quality control measures to insure consistent and reliable products. For added value, lance ends are de-burred where necessary to ensure clean, dimple free ends. De-burring lance pipe increases holder grommet life and reduces potential safety hazards.

Lance Pipe is available in four end finishes; Plain End (PE), Quick Connect (QC), Threaded One End (TOE), and Threaded and Coupled (T&C)

Lance Pipe Products


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