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Lance Pipe supplied by Oxylance is produced from either Pipe size or Tube size steel tubes.  The difference in the two types of Lances are simple.  Pipe dimensions can be threaded with National Pipe Threads (NPT).  Lances produced from Tube dimension pipe are not offered in a Threaded end finish.  Standard Industrial practices identifies Pipe in fractions and tube is identified by outside diameter in decimal points.  To simplify the Lance Pipe identification question, Oxylance refers to all Lance Pipe by the decimal point outside diameter.  We therefore refer to 1/4″ pipe by the OD of .540″ (The chart below is broken down by Pipe and Tube sizes).  This also makes it easier for our customers to identify the holder they need as the ID of the holder has to match the OD of the Lance.

Lancing operations in Steel Mills, Foundries and Metal Casting mills have a wide range of Lancing requirements.  Oxylance maintains an extensive inventory of both Pipe and Tube dimension lance pipe to fulfill our customer’s needs.  Lance Pipe is available in OD sizes ranging from .187″ OD up to 1.900″ OD (1 1/2″ pipe).  Depending on the customer’s application, Lance Pipe is available in lengths from 18 inches up to 21 feet.  To further meet our customer’s needs, we offer end finishes in Plain End, Threaded One End, Threaded and Coupled and Expanded End.  Expanded ends allow the operator to join multiple sections of pipe together without special tools.

Pipe sizes are fine for a lot of lancing operations but there are applications where the lance pipe needs to fall in between standard pipe diameters.  For these applications we offer Lance Pipe in Tube sizes that will better match the operation.  Example, 1/4″ pipe is .540″ OD, 3/8″ pipe is .675 OD.  If an operation requires a Lance Pipe in between these sizes they can us a .625″ OD Tube size.  Or if the .540″ OD pipe is too large then they can us a .500″ OD Tube size.  Note:  See the size and end finish chart below to determine your needs.  The charts are segregated by Pipe and Tube sizes

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MSDS Sheet Lance Pipe Brochure

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