Sure Cut Systems

The Sure Cut Exothermic Cutting System will cut virtually any metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and it is faster than conventional Oxy / Fuel Gas torches or carbon arc gouging. Exothermic cutting requires no preheating or cleaning the material prior to cutting. It is easy to use and is cost effective for most applications. Unlike carbon arc gouging, the Sure Cut System leaves no carbon residue on material being gouged. 

For fire/rescue and demolition work, the Sure Cut System affords the operator the safety of standing out of harm’s way while cutting material that is under tension and likely to move when cut. For example, when cutting a support column in a collapsed building, the operator can cut a window in one side of the beam and reach through to cut the backside while standing in a safe location. Using the 3/8” Quick Connect rods, the operator has the option of joining two rods together and being able to stay further away from the material being cut.

Piercing / Removing Frozen Pens

Sure Cut rods are ideal for removing frozen pins from heavy equipment. By piercing a hole through the center of the pin, you heat the pin up from the inside. Piercing also removes enough material from the center of the pin to allow the pin to shrink for easy removal.

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