Holders & Accessories

Oxylance is your one stop shop for everything you need to operate Burning Bars. We maintain a large inventory of burning bar holders, Oxygen hose, high volume oxygen regulators, Compressed Gas Association brass fittings and Aluminized Kevlar safety clothing.

For all Burning Bar applications Oxylance recommends our Lever Action Holder with our oxygen ball valve. It is the most user friendly holder we manufacturer. The lever action holder can be repaired in the field with a 7/16” box end wrench and a 5/32” allen wrench. The threaded barrel can be adjusted to put more pressure on the rubber insert for a positive seal that will hold over 150 psi of static pressure. The LA series of holders has the highest pressure rating of all of our holders.

The simple design of the LA series of holders allows us to easily customize them with options like longer brass nipples to give the operator longer reach or we can add lever opening handles for faster opening and closing the holder.

LA 3 Standard holder set up with Thermal Shutoff and Oxygen Ball Valve.

LA 2 Holder with Thermal Shutoff, Oxygen Ball Valve and Optional Lever Opening Handle

LA 2 Holder with 30” extension

Lever Action Sizes and the Bars and hoses they fit. See the complete holder page for all holder part numbers and options.

LA140FG-B or LA140FG-C .405” Burning Bars

LA154FG-B or LA154FG-C .540” Burning Bars

LA254FG-B or LA254FG-C .540” Burning Bars

LA267FG-C .625” or .675” Burning Bars with the same rubber insert

LA384FG-C .840” Burning Bars

LA392FG-C .922” Burning Bars

LA3105FG-C 1.05” Burning Bars


*** NOTE *** The “B” and “C” on the end of the part number designates the CGA Oxygen Hose fitting size. “B” is for 3/8” hose and “C” is for 1/2” hose. We do not recommend 3/8” hose for any burning bars larger than .540” od. For long runs of oxygen hose we also offer a CGA “D” fitting for ¾” hose. We recommend ¾” hose for hose lengths over 300 feet. If using 3/8” hose we recommend maximum of 100 feet with no splices. If you have to join or repair 3/8” hoses together we recommend you use ½”. The 3/8” hose restricts the oxygen flow and the burning bars will not be efficient.


Oxylance maintains a large inventory of 300 psi Double Wall / Double Braid heavy duty oxygen hose in sizes 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4” Oxygen hose. We build hoses to standard lengths of 25’, 50’, 75’ 100’ and 150’. We use extended length hose barbs and assemble our hoses with SS bandit clamps. Every hose we build is pressure tested to insure they meet the rigorous standards set by OSHA, the (CGA) Compressed Gas Association and the (RMA) Rubber Manufactures Association.

All hoses are offered with or without the optional Spring Guard Strain Relief.


Everyone in the welding gas industry knows the importance of safety. The industry standard for cutting torch applications is that every torch has a Flashback Arrestor on both the fuel gas and the oxygen hose. Flashback Arrestors are designed to first stop the flame and second prevent the fuel gas from getting into the oxygen hose or to prevent the oxygen from backing up into the fuel gas hose. With Burning Bars you only have a single gas (Oxygen) so there is no fuel gas to combine with the oxygen. The only fuel that can get back into the oxygen control valve or oxygen hose is the burning, molten metal.

Flashback Arrestors are not designed to stop molten metal. Oxylance partnered with a company that is a pioneer in the field of flashback arrestors and had them design our Thermal Shutoff / Anti Slag Safety Device. Our Thermal Shutoff is now the standard in the industry for preventing fires in Burning Bar and Lance Pipe holders and oxygen supply hoses. Available in ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1” npt.