Oxygen Safe Teflon Tape – Military Grade

Teflon tape serves two purposes on pipe fittings. First, NPT pipe threads are tapered so Teflon tape acts as a lubricant that helps tighten fittings up tighter by lubricating the threads. The second function is to seal the threads to prevent leaks. Oxygen leaks are a danger to the operator as a leak can saturate the operators clothing and becomes a fire hazard.

When using any Teflon tape ALWAYS start back 2 threads from the end of the fitting. Make sure that there is no Teflon tape on the face of the fitting and there are no small threads hanging off that can get inside the fitting. Fires have been caused by Teflon that gets in the stream of the oxygen flow.

Oxylance uses military approved Teflon tape on all of our Oxygen systems and holders. We stock green oxygen rated Teflon tape that meets or exceeds Military Specifications i.e. MIL-T-27730A and A-A-58092


example of what NOT to do