Video Gallery

To see our products in action and learn more about how to safely use them, check out our video gallery. 

Who We Are

Oxylance has been manufacturing burning bars for U.S. and international markets since 1974. From its inception, the company recognized the need for top quality cutting torches designed specifically for the primary metals and demolition industries.

Oxygen Safety

Quality has always been a top priority at Oxylance. We recognize that delivering quality products is a must for operational safety, which is why we take the additional steps of providing safety training and demonstrations for our customers.

Burning Bars

Exothermic cutting is a chemical reaction (oxidation) that occurs when a steel tube filled with alloy wire is heated to its kindling temperature and injected with pure oxygen. The result is a consumable cutting torch that burns at a temperature of 7200 to 7400 degrees.

Sure Cut System

The Sure Cut system is a versatile exothermic cutting tool that is very portable and can be used with minimal support equipment. An Oxygen cylinder and a 12 volt battery is all that is required to use the Sure Cut System. Excellent for removing frozen pins, gouging and demolition work.

Equipment Setup

To ensure safe operations the equipment setup video illustrates proper setup and inspection of equipment and oxygen system.

Pin Removal

This video illustrates the versatility of the sure cut system for removing frozen pins for heavy equipment.

Cutting Wind Turbine

Demo Radio Tower