Oxylance Underwater Cutting

Oxylance manafactures underwater cutting electrodes in both an exothermic design, the Aqua EXO and Tubular Steel Aqualance. The Aqua EXO will burn without power after it is ignited. The Aqulance is an Oxy Arc rod that requires 300 amps of DC electricity to maintain the arc. All of our rods have a proprietary plating process that prevents the exterior of the rod from corrosion. We use a continuous heat shrink process for insualtion that will not un-wrap or become brittle in cold water. Our rods can be used in other manafacturer's holders; however, the collet may have to be enlarged slightly due to our plating process. We have collets for other holders to match our rod diameters.

37BAQUAEXO 3/8" X 18" Exothermic Cutting Rod
31EAQUALANCE 5/16" x 16" Tublar Steel Underwater Cutting Rod
UWAT02020000 Underwater Cutting Rod Holder
UNDTA2238 3/8" Collet for Craftsweld or Broco Holders
UNDTA22516 5/16" Collet for Craftsweld or Broco Holders

Aqua Exo Exothermic Cutting Rods

Aqualance Tublar Steel Cutting Rods

REG-5-500-B 500 psi Regulator with 1/2" npt female outlet port (with B-Fitting)
REG-5-500 500 psi Regulator with 1/2" npt female outlet port (with No Outlet-Fitting)

500 PSI regulator for high volume (10,000 cfh) 1/2” npt outlet port