Oxylance Underwater Welding

Oxylance manafactures a variety of underwater welding electrodes for carbon steel and stainless steel. All of our electrodes meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI/AWS D3.6 specification for underwater welding. Oxylance is the sole source provider of Nickel Wet Welding Electrodes for the US Navy.

SUR1ELECTR 1/8" Mild Steel Wet Welding Electrode
SUR2ELECTR 5/32" Mild Steel Wet Welding Electrode
SURWELDNI 3/32" Nickel Wet Welding Electrode
UW400 400 AMP Wet Welding Stinger
UW250 250 AMP Wet Welding Stinger

UW-400 Underwater Welding Stinger

UW-250 Underwater Welding Stinger