Military & Police

The Military and Police use Exothermic cutting much the same as Fire and Rescue. When attacking a target they can use Exothermic cutting to quickly perform forced entry into buildings, bunkers and even prisons. The specialized units they use are man portable and can be accomplished by a single operator with a minimum of support equipment.

Oxylance manufacturers specialized cutting rods that can have pyrotechnic ignitors added to the end of the rod so the operator does not have to carry a battery for ignition. Special coatings can be applied to these rods so they can be used above or below water.

  • Lite Breaching / Forced Entry (Assault Breaching)
  • Heavy Breaching
  • Cutting into collapsed structures
  • Decommissioning military equipment when damaged in war and has to be left behind

Remote operations for disposal of IED’s, Bombs and Land Mines

Sure Cut Safety Instructions

Military & Police Products