Burning Bars

A Burning Bar is an Oxy / Fuel cutting torch that uses a single gas (oxygen) to cut steel or melt non-ferrous material. The burning bar is a steel pipe filled with alloyed wires that is the fuel. When the end of the burning bar is heated to its kindling temperature and has pure oxygen injected into the pipe a chemical reaction occurs and the fuel wires go exothermic. The exothermic reaction creates a fire that burns at 7,200 to 7,400 degrees f. For comparison, an Oxy / Fuel Gas torch burns at just under 5,000 degrees f.

Burning bars can be used to cut ferrous and nonferrous materials. Ferrous materials cut faster because they will oxidize and actually add fuel to the chemical reaction. Material that does not oxidize has to be melted and the gas pressure from the burning bar and oxygen blow the molten material away. Some nonferrous materials such as Aluminum and Titanium will cut rapidly because they have a low Auto Ignition Temperature whereas copper / brass alloys cut much slower. The speed of the cut is totally dependent on melting temperature of the material.

Materials such as concrete can be cut with burning bars but the efficiency of the cutting process will depend on various factors such as; moisture content, type of aggregate, tensile strength and amount of rebar in the concrete.

Time Work Study for Burning Bars


  • Demolition
  • Scrap Processing
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Steel Mills
  • Foundries
  • Mining

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