Steel Mills

From Integrated Steel Mills to Mini Mills & Specialty Mills, Oxylance provides safe and reliable equipment and consumables throughout the steel making process. Our quality products, technical assistance and oxygen safety training will make your entire operation safer and more efficient.

Many tasks in the steel making process cannot be accomplished without Lance Pipe and our quality control system insures you are getting products that have been manufactured to the highest standards for Oxygen service. In addition to Lance Pipe and Burning Bars we also have a full line of high quality support equipment.

To improve safety using Oxylance products we offer Oxygen Safety Training, Oxygen Lance training as well as equipment maintenance and repair training.

  • Calorized Lance Pipe
  • Bare Lance Pipe
  • Ignitor Burning Bars / Lance Pipe for non-free opening slide gates
  • Oxygen Lance Holders and Thermal Shutoff Safety Devices
  • Oxygen Regulators
  • Oxygen Regulator Enclosures (Reduces damage to regulator manifold
  • systems)
  • Oxygen Filter Systems (prevents internal damage to regulators from
  • microscopic particles that damage the seats and seals in the regulator)
  • Oxygen Hose
  • Oxygen Hose Reels
  • Custom Built Lance Holders for special applications
  • Full line of Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Brass and Stainless
  • Oxygen Fittings
  • Slag Measuring Devices
  • Tundish Fuse Starters
  • Lance Ignitor Tubes
  • Sure Cut systems for maintenance work

Lance Pipe Brochure
Burning Bar Brochure

Oxygen Regulators for Steel Mills

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