Under Water Cutting

Oxylance Inc.’s Aqua Exo and AquaLance underwater cutting products have rewritten the standard for underwater Exothermic and Tubular Steel cutting rods.


An Exothermic Cutting rod is an Oxy / Fuel cutting process. The Aqua Exo rod is the fuel, when the fuel is heated to its kindling temperature (electric arc) and pure oxygen is injected into the rod the Exothermic reaction begins. The reaction will continue as long as the balance of fuel, heat and oxygen is maintained, or all of the fuel rod is consumed. The tip of the rod heats the target material and brings it to its kindling temperature and combined with the injected oxygen the target material oxidizes. In simple terms the target material just Adds Fuel to the Fire.


Our unique design for the Aqua Exo exothermic cutting rod concentrates the stream of oxygen in the center of the cut. This design allows cuts to be made with lower O2 pressure and makes a cleaner cut with less slag. The lower O2 pressure means you consume less Oxygen.

  • Some companies who have tracked their oxygen consumption report up to a 30% savings on oxygen consumption.

Our proprietary plating process prevents the rods from rust and corrosion, so you have less waste. The proprietary plating also increases the heat of combustion in the tube for a hotter cut.


We refer to the AquaLance cutting rod as an Electrode because it requires an electric arc to make it burn. Once an arc is struck on the target material and pure oxygen is injected into the electrode it begins the oxidation process or exothermic reaction in the base material. When that material reaches its kindling temperature and combines with the supplied oxygen it burns.

For many years in the industry, underwater cutting electrodes came 14” length, same as welding electrodes. When we designed the AquaLance cutting electrode, we decided to make them 16 inches long.

  • In a box of 50 electrodes, this gives you 100 inches more cutting rod (equivalent of 56 rods) compared to our competitors 50 rods.

Our proprietary plating process also prevents rust and corrosion and increases heat. We insulate all of our cutting rods with a heat shrink insulation that prevents the insulation from pealing off of the rod or electrode.

Under Water Cutting Products