Who We Are

Founded in 1974, Oxylance is a trusted manufacturer of exothermic cutting solutions (burning bars, thermic lances) and Lance pipe for the United States and International Markets. Our mission is to provide top quality solutions designed specifically for primary metals and demolition industries. We don’t cut corners — we’re a forward thinking company that believes in quality products and excellent service.

Over the years, we’ve developed innovative tools such as our burning bar systems, surecut systems underwater cutting and welding products and accessories to serve industries such as mining, underwater demolition and construction. Oxylance is the North American distributor for Daiwa Lance International Calorized Lance Pipe.

Unwavering Commitment to Service and Quality

Our rigorous safety standards meet or exceed the standards set by the industries we serve — which is why our clients trust us to deliver top quality products every time. We take our services a step further by making sure our key employees are trained in ASTM Oxygen Cleaning Standards. We also offer safety training and demonstrations for our clients’ safety. We employ an extensive quality control program that monitors all products from start to finish — from receiving dock, throughout the manufacturing process, to the shipping dock.

Rapid Response Commitment

Oxylance has locations in Birmingham, Alabama and East Chicago, Indiana to ensure that we’re able to react quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs no — matter where they are. We maintain an extensive inventory to fulfill all your needs. At Oxylance, we’re responsive, reliable and ready — always. 

Office Personnel

David Cowart


Patrick Bowyer


Mike Vice

Outside Sales

Dustin Cowart

Procurement Manager

Steven Nichols

Plant Manager

Phyllis Mathis