Underwater & Marine

The marine environment whether on inland waterways or in the oceans of the world offers a unique set of challenges for contractors. Whether it is new construction, repairing damaged structures or ships to complete demolition of bridges, docks, dams or oilfield production platforms the marine environment is harsh and requires high quality tools and consumables to get the job done.

Oxylance manufacturer’s underwater cutting rods with a proprietary plating process that eliminates corrosion and burns hotter with lower oxygen consumption than our competitors. The unique design of our tube in tube Aqua EXO cutting rod concentrates the stream of oxygen in the center of the cut and gives the diver a better feel and cleaner kerf. In low or no visibility that feel means the diver can produce cuts that are clean and hanger free.

  • Dock Repairs and Demolition
  • Dam Repairs and Demolition
  • Ship Repairs and Demolition
  • Offshore Oil Rig Repairs and Demolition
  • Tactical uses for underwater breaching and demolition

Underwater & Marine Products