Past Projects

Fighting for Freedom

The moment the Twin Towers were hit – we knew we had to help. We sent over 20 truckloads of burning bars at cost to provide help to the first responders

Steel Mill Slag

  • .1.05″ x 10’6″ burning bar cutting 16″-18″ thick slag

(1) 3/8″ x 48″ Rod cut a bundle of .675″ pipe in half


All the way back to the 1850’s the government built cast iron light towers around Key West Florida to mark the Coral Reefs for ships. Many of them are still in service today. In the early 1990’s several of the old towers had to be replaced with new modern structures. The old towers had to be removed and much of the removal process had to be performed underwater.

A test was conducted to see how the material could be cut underwater. The support legs of the towers were made from 8” solid round cast iron. The burning test were performed at Sub Sea International by Greg Cain using modern day underwater burning rods and all failed the testing. Oxylance stepped in and worked with Greg to develop the Aqua-Lance cutting electrode. It performed so well that not only were they used underwater they were also used for all the above water demolition as the material could not be cut with a standard Oxy / Fuel torch.

A total of 3 towers were removed and three new towers were installed over a period of one month. Three years later Greg became the Technical Director for Oxylance.

Cutting the tower legs

Greg Cain cutting tower leg. Below completed cut.

8” Solid Cast Iron with about 1” of crustation on the outside.

Cutting above water

Cutting rods above water.

Removing X brace that was 3” diameter cast iron above water.

New Tower installed.