Mining covers a variety of types and phases. From base metals, precious metals, rare earth elements to coal and even gemstones it requires digging the material out of the ground, processing the material to separate the usable ore or minerals to the final phase of processing the material into a usable product. Oxylance offers Exothermic products for every phase of the process.

“One often overlooked aspect of safety issues in mining has to do with equipment maintenance.  30% of all injuries and fatalities in underground mining in the US are due to machinery maintenance accidents.” 

Different types of mining have their own unique requirements where Oxylance products can be utilized. From underground mines to surface mines they all require heavy equipment that has to be maintained. Sure Cut rods and Burning Bars can be used to quickly and efficiently perform jobs that can take many hours or even days to accomplish with other methods.

A typical mining venture spends 35% to 50% of its annual operating budget on equipment maintenance and repairs”

 We have seen the simple task of removing a 30” long by 3” diameter pin take 2 days to remove from a piece of earth moving equipment. The same task was performed using Oxylance Sure Cut rods in 1.5 man hours (2 men 45 minutes)

Through our network of distributors and manufacturers representatives we offer training and demonstrations.

  • Removing frozen pins from heavy equipment
  • Gouging cracked welds on heavy equipment
  • Cutting out damaged blades in crushers
  • Cutting out blockages in crushers and shredders
  • Gouging off wear plates
  • Removing teeth from excavator or dozer blades


Once the material reaches the processing stage Oxylance offers a variety of Lance Pipe and Exothermic cutting systems for processing materials from steel to non-ferrous metals and even glass for products such as insulation and ceiling tiles.

  • Lance pipe and burning bars for crack repairs in ladles and slag pots
  • Lance pipe for opening tap holes
  • Lance pipe for foamy slag applications
  • Lance pipe and burning bars for processing scrap or cleaning up spills

Mining Products