Oxygen Vaporizer Systems



A liquid oxygen Dewar` has an output limit based on their internal vaporizer. The internal vaporizer is only capable of producing about 6 cubic feet of gaseous oxygen per minute (scfm). Burning bars require from 20 to 100 scfm. In order to successfully use liquid oxygen with burning bars you must add an external vaporizer. The size of the vaporizer depends on the size burning bar and the flow requirements for that burning bar. This also applies to Oxy-Fuel Torches.

10’6” burning bars will burn for approximately 4 minutes depending on the oxygen pressure. Higher pressure equals faster burn time. Vaporizers are sized by their output in Cubic Feet per Hour. To calculate the flow requirements, multiply the cfm X 60 for cubic feet per hour.

Oxylance maintains a fleet of Ambient Air Oxygen Vaporizer Systems for rent. These systems are specifically designed to operate our Burning Bars or large Oxy-Fuel Torches. We have two systems, the OXYVAP-2500 and the OXYVAP-5000. These units come complete with cryogenic hoses to hook the liquid valve of the Dewar` to the vaporizer. There is also a Vent manifold to connect the Vents together. Connecting the Vents allow the liquid cylinders to equalize so they draw down equally. They have an outlet manifold with an inline oxygen filter, manifold regulator and two outlet control valves. (NOTE: See instruction sheets on connecting, start up, and shut down procedures)

The OXYVAP-2500 will produce 2500 cubic feet of oxygen per hour and is a compact unit that measures 42” w X 48” long and 94” tall. It has an area where you can set 2 standard 180-liter liquid oxygen Dewars`, making the system completely portable.

The OXYVAP-5000 will produce 5000 cubic feet of oxygen per hour. The 5000 is set up to hook 4 liquid Dewar`s to the system. It measures 36” X 36” X 94” tall.

The number of operators that can be supported by the vaporizer is dependent on the volume requirements for the burning bar or Oxy-Fuel torch. Examples of the capability of the Oxylance vaporizer systems are:

OXYVAP-2500 can run one burning bar up to a .675” (67B1050A) it will NOT RUN the 84B1050 or larger.

OXYVAP-5000 can run up to 3 operators using the .540″, two operators can run the .625″ or the .675″. Only one operator can be on the OXYVAP-5000 when running the .840″, .922″ or 1.05″ burning bars.

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