Calorized Lance Pipe

When Calorized pipe is exposed to high heat the refractory material and Aluminum Oxide layer starts burning at a temperature of 3750 f (2050 c). When oxygen is injected into the pipe the temperature goes up to over 7400 f. Bare Steel Lance Pipe starts to burn at 2800 f (1500 c) and when it goes exothermic it burns at 7200 f.

Depending on the application, Calorized Lance Pipe lasts from 3 to 10 times as long as bare steel lance pipe due to the higher combustion temperature of the pipe and the refractory coating.
The calorization process differs greatly from ceramic coating. The ceramic coated process is similar to a heavy layer of paint which is baked on but does not fuse with the lance pipe. Ceramic
coating is simply a coating whereas the calorization process is a fusion process where the calorized layer is fused to the steel pipe.

Calorized Lance Pipe is made up of 5 layers of material. At the core is a high quality mild steel lance pipe. In the calorization process the lance pipe is heated to 1830 f (1000 c) in a mixture of aluminum powders. At that temperature the aluminum fuses with the surface of the steel pipe and forms a permanent layer of aluminide oxide and iron alloy.

The pipe is then coated inside and out with a layer of refractory material which resists heat and slows the melting of the lance pipe.
  • Refining Steel
  • Cutting Scrap
  • Injecting Additives such as Carbon, Lime, Coke
  • Foamy Slag Process
  • Removing Sulfur
  • Removing slag inside oxygen convertors
For our calorized pipe, we offer press on couplings.  It involves using a pipe sleeve and a crimping device to connect two pieces together. These are offered in our 1.05″ and 1.315″ OD. See attached CRIMPING TOOLS
See the chart below for size offerings; additional diameters and lengths are available upon request.


Size Chart

Pipe SizeODLengthEnd FinishBundle Size
3/8”.675”9’PE200 pieces per bundle
3/8”.675”9’T & C200 pieces per bundle
1/2”.840”9’T & C200 pieces per bundle
3/4”1.05”9’T & C200 pieces per bundle
3/4”1.05”14’7”PE200 pieces per bundle
3/4”1.05”18’PE200 pieces per bundle
3/4”1.05”18’T & C200 pieces per bundle
1”1.315”9’T & C100 pieces per bundle
1”1.315”9’POC100 pieces per bundle
1”1.315”18’PE100 pieces per bundle
1”1.315”18’T & C100 pieces per bundle
1”1.315”18’POC100 pieces per bundle
1 ¼”1.660”9’T & C100 pieces per bundle
1 ¼”1.660”9’POC100 pieces per bundle
1 ¼”1.660”18’T & C100 pieces per bundle
1 ¼”1.660”18’POC100 pieces per bundle