Leak Detection Solution – Military Grade

All Oxygen related equipment should be leak checked. Under operating pressure, apply leak check to:

  • all threaded fittings
  • hose fitting
  • oxygen control valves, also check the stem that opens and closes the valve.

Leaks around the stem or threaded connections can saturate gloves and clothing with oxygen and creates a fire hazard from sparks and slag.

Recent changes by OSHA, NAVSEA, US AIRFORCE and NASA has changed the formulation for all leak check solutions used leak checks in oxygen systems. You can no longer use a soap solution or a leak check solution that contains Ethylene Glycol. Soaps use animal fat and can leave an oily film on oxygen fittings and other solutions can cause corrosion. The Oxylance brand of leak check solution contains no Ethylene Glycol or soap and has been approved by MIL SPEC PRF 25567E.

Where to Check for Leaks